Jeeva Health Care medicine is a medicine created by the Homeopathy for the people. Sithars are the living standards of living standards and how they live.In the absence of any kind of treatment, the disease is clear that this medicine will last a long time. It took several hundred years for them to realize and understand what they said. Homeopathy rs were given medicines for example, but now they have declared Kittanelli as medicine.

Jeeva Health Care medicines – known as “remedies” – are made from natural sources (e.g., plants, minerals), and are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Most are available over the counter in grocery stores, drug stores, health food stores, homeopathic pharmacies, and online. They are also extremely affordable. Jeeva Health Care remedies when used as directed, are completely safe for everyone – including pregnant and nursing women, infants, children, and adults. They are given in such small doses that they don’t cause side effects.

One thing to note is that the word homeopathy is not a general or “umbrella” term that describes a variety of different natural therapies. Although homeopathic remedies are derived from natural substances, homeopathy should not be confused with herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, or other types of natural medicines. It is its own, unique therapeutic system.

Jeeva Health Care Hospital aims to provide the better treatment for patients and people to live in a better and healthy way through the conventional method treatment of Homeopathy. Jeeva Health Care Hospital conducts medical camps for the prevention of diseases and lifestyle disorders through Homeopathy medicine and to increase the awareness of the medical system among common man. Along with treatment of patients, the doctors of Jeeva Health Care Hospital conducts research on Homeopathy treatment for cancer, diabetes and HIV care.

The vision of the Unit of Homeopathy Medicine is to be a leading center of excellence in teaching Homeopathy Medicine to maintain positive health among the people and to do research in Homeopathy drugs.

Creating the awareness of siddha medicine and its benefits whereas people can utilise the chance to undergo treatment for better life with economical. Keep going on the research in the siddha to provide standardized and researched Herbal Healthcare Products and services for consumer well being.